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Leaders see much beyond their present conditions and establish strategies for future changes. Very few people have inherent natural leadership qualities. Learning to respond effectively can make us more independent, and training to respond effectively could be a way to improve our skills of teamwork. We already know what the attributes of such leaders are, even though few of them occur naturally.


Resourceful leadership is characterized by the flexibility and ability to experiment and innovate. A mistake or setback can inspire your team to make improvements so that they’ll succeed over time rather than give up and let go. Be optimistic so that your team can progress, even after failing. Encourage each other to pursue endeavors rather than quit.


Reliability is an essential element in leaders because people depend on trustworthy people. A solid connection formed by a dependable leader builds a strong team that can work through difficulties that may arise. A responsible leader will get the best out of their team by consistently being motivating, approachable, and capable of effectively communicating.

Personal Development


It’s important to have a strong understanding of oneself and reach the goals set for oneself. Leadership is more than just the capacity to lead the rest of the group efficiently, and it’s also the ability to lead someone on one’s own. Leaders need to work through obstacles and discover new ways of doing things.

We must remember that those who live their lives with a purpose live well. It’s not enough to only think of ourselves as we grow, but it’s also essential to put effort into living a life that reflects values beyond our own.

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Guest Speaker: Mr. Rendon Labador

Source: FB Page – Rendon Labador

Source: FB Page – Rendon Labador

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Self-motivation is a key ingredient in any leadership role. Employees want a leader who empowers them to grow and develop their skills to provide the best service possible for their customers. With self-motivation, employees will have more energy to complete tasks and have a positive attitude, feeling satisfied with their work. In this way, you’ll have an advantage with recruiting new talent and retaining current staff with higher retention rates.



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The self-growth movement, focusing on personal development and empowerment, is not just about helping people feel better about themselves. It’s also about teaching people how to put their thoughts and aspirations into practice to be more effective leaders. With the right tools, education, and understanding of what works for them–and doesn’t–self-growth can help an individual become a positive force in the lives of others.

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