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To produce cost-efficient QUALITY  RUBBER PRODUCTS products with a minimum amount of time while continuously developing our MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, Company Policies, Research and Development, Leadership skills and Management System to contribute more in building our nation.


RK Rubber Enterprise Co., a company, community, and as a movement, will be the catalyst of the Philippine Industrial Revolution, making the country as the new MAJOR EXPORTER OF RUBBER PRODUCTS globally that provides opportunities for growth and personal development for thousands of Filipino families.

RK Rubber Enterprise Co.

As one of the leading rubber supplier, we at RK Rubber aims to satisfy and go beyond expectations by supplying a line of high-quality engineered rubber products to help such industries present a quality product to the people. Industrial rubber seals, bumpers, gaskets, shock absorbers, etc., are only some of the many functions of industrial rubber. RK Rubber also provides a food-grade rubber for applications used with consumables and other vital rubber parts for your application.

We provide world-class quality rubber products with superior and outstanding quality services. We are always open to new methods for our improvement to serve our clients with our innovative engineering solution to create greater possibilities.

With RK Rubber, expect a smooth flow of project management from planning to its finishing touches. We will give you the best of everything through continuous innovations and endless guidance, for we guarantee you of our superior work. Everything is possible in RK Rubber!

Our call for mission in this industry is to serve more clients and contribute more to Rubber’s growing industry in the Philippines. Our client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction, too, as well as their successes. We are also dedicated to delivering excellent customer service and cost-effective and high-quality rubber products with proven innovative methods.

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