Rubber Column Guard

Our rubber column guard is made from high-grade raw materials that give maximum protection to the building properties like column structures and prevent damage to the car from accidental scrapes or bumps. The column guard has the same function as a rubber wall guard. However, the wall guard is a thick rubber wall protector mounted into the wall with black-yellow stripes for excellent visibility. It is made of high-quality compound rubber materials to withstand a lot of impacts. Our guard also has a lip on the top and we use bright reflective yellow and black stripes on the column guard to make it more visible to the drivers for easy parking maneuvers, which keeps the car from hitting the column. This product is very beneficial for both the building and the vehicle. The column guard prevents damage to the vehicle and saves money on repairs. 


Columns are vital for any building, protecting the structure from collapse. The Romans were some of the first to use columns in their architecture, and the tradition has continued to this day. Columns come in many shapes and sizes, but all perform the same primary function. Many column functions include:

  • Supporting beams and canopy structures.
  • Giving structure to buildings.
  • Separating spaces within the building provides a visual focal point for the whole building.

The Corinthian order is one of the most popular styles of columns used today. Ancient Greeks and Romans used this style for their buildings and Greek temples.

Rubber column guards have a long and diverse history. The first recorded use of rubber column guards was in 1812, when a French engineer used them to prevent the collapse of a bridge. In the early 1900s, rubber column guards became popular in Europe and America as occupational safety devices for miners, railroad workers, and elevator operators.


Installing a rubber column guard is one of those projects that may seem daunting, but with a little know-how, it can be done fairly quickly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a rubber column guard:

1. Remove the old column guard if there is one installed. This can usually be done by unscrewing or prying it off.

2. Measure the circumference of the column and cut the rubber guard to size using a sharp knife or scissors. Make sure to leave enough overlap to fit securely around the column.

3. Apply adhesive or your preference mounting system to the back of the rubber guard and then wrap it around the column, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Hold in place for several seconds until the glue sets.

Features of the Rubber Column Guard

  • Low maintenance & Cost-effective
  • Ultra-durable for a longer lifespan
  • Very convenient to install ( it has a mounting hole ) and easy to replace
  • Yellow and black reflective that gives excellent visibility, especially at night
  • Superior tear, abrasion, and wear resistance
  • Highly reflective yellow stripes for high visibility
  • Corrosive resistance
  • It has a smooth surface to avoid scratches to the vehicle in an accident.

Different Applications of Rubber Column Guard

  • Hotels – column guard is a simple yet effective way to protect the column structure of hotel buildings and guests from potential danger. The guard is made of rubber and fits snugly around the column, providing a barrier between the building and passersby. This safety measure has proven cost-effective and protective, preventing any accidents.
  • Hospitals – an innovative way to protect the column structure of hospital buildings and patients. It is made of high-quality rubber that is both durable and flexible. The guard can withstand high-impact forces, ideal for protecting critical hospital equipment.
  • Condominiums – can be used to protect the column structure of a condominium. This is especially important in older buildings, where the columns may be more susceptible to wear and tear. Rubber column guard is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and it can be custom-made to fit the specific needs of a condominium.
  • Shopping Malls – a column guard is a safety precaution that should be considered by mall operators when constructing or renovating their shopping centers.
  • Schools – are essential for school safety. They prevent students from sliding down the column and injuring themselves. Column guards can also keep desks from being knocked over, which prevents accidents. School districts should consider adding column guards to their safety plans.
  • Stadium – Stadiums across the country require rubber column guard protection to prevent injuries to fans. The installation of a rubber column guard could help reduce injuries by keeping spectators away from the steel columns and absorbing shock if someone falls onto the column.
  • Home Use – column guards are also perfect for home or in your garage. They are a great way to keep your furniture and other objects from being damaged by liquid spills or chemicals. These guards are also easy to install and can be removed quickly if needed.

The available column guard products have types and dimensions, and they may vary depending on the kind of column structures you have. Kindly contact our sales team for more details about other customized rubber products. 

Sample video on how the column guard is being installed. Source: Youtube

Rubber Column Guard Quick Details

Application Type: Commercial, Industrial, Construction, and Residential Areas
Material: Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Polyethylene, EPDM, and Neoprene
Color: Plain black, black with yellow/white stripes
Variants/ Type: Dimensions will be base on the client’s specifications;
Purpose: To give protection to the edges of the column structures of the buildings and the vehicle