Rubber Cushion

The rubber cushion is made of high-grade natural rubber, EPDM, synthetic rubber, neoprene, nitrile, and other elements that can improve its quality and performance. 

One of the uses of rubber cushion is that it significantly reduces the noise and vibration of specific equipment and helps function properly. There are various types of rubber cushions available in the market, one of them is the rubber cushion used for vehicle suspension. Its goal is to prevent the suspension spring from being compressed too much when passing through potholes. This way, the life of a vehicle’s suspension is longer because the cushion catches the remaining force.


The modern rubber cushion can be traced back to the early 1800s, when vulcanized rubber was first invented. This process, which involved treating rubber with sulfur and heat, made it much more durable and resistant to weathering. It also made it possible to create various shapes and sizes from a single piece of rubber.

The first rubber cushions were used on horse-drawn carriages, where they served as shock absorbers to help protect passengers from bumps in the road. They quickly became popular in various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and trains. Today, rubber cushions are essential to many products, furniture, machinery, mechanical tools, toys, and sports equipment.

Manufacturing Process

A rubber cushion is made by vulcanizing rubber, which is a process of heating and cooling the rubber to create cross-links between the polymer chains. This makes the rubber stronger and more resistant to heat and abrasion. The vulcanized rubber is then formed into a cushion shape and cured in an oven. The final step is to add a finish to the cushion, which can be done by painting, dipping, or spraying.

Features of RK’s Rubber Cushion

In any industry, it is essential to have reliable materials that withstand harsh conditions. This is why rubber cushion has become a popular material in many industries. Rubber cushions can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • It has an outstanding noise and vibration resistance
  • Has a good tear and wear resistance
  • It has a wide range of working temperatures, depending on what raw materials are used.
  • It has good abrasion resistance
  • UV and corrosion resistance.
  • Made from high-grade rubber materials
  • It has a wide range of applications, commonly used as a rubber cushion on vehicle suspension.
  • Very easy to install and maintain

RK Rubber Philippines manufactures and supplies customized rubber products nationwide. We have handled various household, government, and private projects for years. So you can be assured of the quality of our customized rubber products, such as fenders, cushions, gaskets, elastomeric pads, and more.

Please be advised that the products’ dimensions may vary depending on the specifications provided by the clients. For more details about the rubber cushion and other rubber-related products, kindly contact our sales team.

Rubber Cushions Quick Details:

Application Type: Industrial, Commercial, Food Industry, Aerospace, Engineering, Mechanical, and Civil Sector applications
Material: EPDM, Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber
Color: Black
Variants: Rubber Cushion – dimension may vary depending on the purpose and where to use Purpose: Significantly reduce noise and vibration of an equipment

Below are some of the actual products and applications.


Civil/Construction Rubber Products
Anti-Vibration Rubber Pad | Elastomeric Bearing Pad | Water Stopper |Wire Stopper

Industrial Rubber Products
Bumper | Column Guard | Footings | Polyurethane Wheel | Ramp | Rubber Block | Rubber Matting | Rubber Rollers | Rubber Suction | Rubber Wheel Chock

Mechanical Rubber Products
Coupling | Diaphragm | Rubber Bushing | Rubber Door Seal | Rubber End Cap | Rubber Gaskets | Rubber Ring | Rubber Tubing

Marine Rubber products
Arch Rubber Dock Fender | D-Type Rubber Dock Fender

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